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About Us

Jason Fox

Colleges and universities have alumni organizations that encourage former students to join their network, in large measure to raise funds to support current students. Facilitating meaningful business connections is also in the mix, but not necessarily a focus.

But what if you want to network with someone who went to a different college than you did? And what if you’re focused on both doing well (growing your business) and doing good (supporting a better world for all of us)?

Our founder Jason Fox had that question – and from there, was born.

Mission Statement

Alumni Networking is a 501(c)(3), non profit organization dedicated to help colleges and universities raise funds for academic scholarships. It is our belief that many business alumni would like to create sustainable higher education funding, and help future students earn their degrees. Alumni Networking is designed as a business to business platform to generate additional sales. Businesses would be asked to pledge up to 5% of the gross contract of their transactions toward scholarship endowments. Each participating firm can designate half their pledge to the school of their choice. For every dollar donated, 90% will go towards scholarships, the site will only operate on 10%.


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