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Colleges & Universities: Are you looking for new ways to raise scholarship funds?

Alumni Networking wants to help!

Like you, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping raise funds for academic scholarships for higher education. Built into model is a pledge that requires members to donate up to 5% of the gross amount of business they contract by networking on our platform to the college/university scholarship fund of their choice.

Unlike traditional alumni fundraising models, on our platform alumni of any school can network with one and other – but they key is that your school can benefit if your alumni designate your scholarship fund(s) to receive their donation.

You can help us ensure your school is our members’ preferred recipient of scholarship funds!

If you would like to participate with Alumni Networking, please reach out to your alumni via email explaining the program and encouraging them to sign up on There is no cost to the college / university and no cost for the participating individuals to enroll. Donations are only made when business is generated via Alumni Networking.

Alumni Networking needs your endorsement and support to achieve its goals of generating millions of academic scholarship dollars for American students who want to obtain a higher education. This partnership between private business enterprise and academia is for the benefit of the students who will become our country’s future alumni.

A current list of colleges/universities who are actively participating is located below. If your school is not here, please help the site by contacting your school and explaining the no-cost benefits of participating on the site.

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