About Alumni Networking

Alumni Networking is a 501(c)(3), non profit organization that seeks to create long-term, sustainable higher education funding through our innovative, business-to-business platform. Today’s students face crushing debt, and it’s our intention to help solve this ongoing crisis with a novel approach to professional social networking that has “doing well by doing good” built into the equation.

On Alumni Networking, you can connect with like-minded business people who provide goods or services that you need, and make invaluable connections to work together.

Unlike standard college or university online communities that only promote interactions between their own alumni, we open up the opportunities to connect with others regardless of where they went to school – while also ensuring that your school/university of choice benefits.

Our Pledge

This is the basis of our Alumni Networking Pledge: When you join our platform, you also agree to donate a small portion (5% suggested, but whatever amount you prefer) of the proceeds of the work you contract through our platform to your school/university.  You and your new business associate decide how much and what schools/academic scholarships you want to benefit, and we distribute the funds as you wish. We’re a transparent nonprofit, and keep a nominal 10% for operating costs and to make sure the donation process goes smoothly – and you get credit (and a tax write-off!) where it’s due.

You can also opt to sponsor our site  as an alternative way to contribute financially.

Our bottom line is to give successful professionals a smart and secure way to both grow their own bottom lines and also pay it forward.

Meet Our Founder, Jason Fox

Jason Fox

AlumniNetworking.org is the brainchild of entrepreneur and University of Maryland alumnus Jason Fox.  While growing his business has always been a primary focus, he’s never lost sight of the importance of giving back. Once Jason got the idea to create a business-to-business network that helps graduates of any school make valuable professional connections and personal commitments to help fund academic scholarships at the colleges/universities of their choice – Jason took action.

By investing his own money to develop the platform and making his company, Astral Energy, its inaugural sponsor, Jason has committed to the long-term success of the platform. His vision isn’t just about the networking you do on our site today – it’s to create a meaningful legacy.

So please join Jason in making a lasting contribution that’s not just good for business… not just good for today’s students… but that helps provide for an educated, enlightened workforce, which is good for society today and tomorrow.

Our Board of Director


Jason K. Fox

Astral Energy LLC
Director since 2019

Richard Weisglas

Richard D. Weisglas

Richard D. Weisglas
Director since 2019


Jordan P. Brewster, Esq.

Law Office of Jordan P. Brewster
Director since 2019


Thomas M. Grbelja, CPA

Burke, Grbelja & Symeonides, LLC
Director since 2019

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